Artist Title Catalogue no Country/Year Grading R/C Price Notities
Allison, Luther Bad news is coming Motown 523023 F 73 vg+/m- 20
Allison, Luther Luther's blues Gordy G 967V1 US 74 m-/vg+(+) 23 slrw; co
Allison, Luther South side safari RL 0036 UK 82 m-/m- 12
Allison, Luther Night life Gordy G6-974 US 76 m-/vg+ 20 cc
Bland, Bobby Call on me BLS-6065 US 73 m-/vg++ 23 white label PROMO
Bland, Bobby The soul of the man Duke DLP 79 US 66 vg+/vg++ 45
Bonner, Juke Boy The Texas blues troubadour Home Cooking HCS-113 US 89 ex/vg++ 20 nice collection with many unreleased songs
Boyd, Eddie Five long years Fontana 883 905 JCY NL 65 m-/vg+(+) 35 rare album recorded in Great Britain!
Brown, Nappy & Heartfixers Tore up NTFL 2002 UK 86 m-/m- 12
Butterfield Blues Band Sometimes I just feel like smilin' EKS-75013 US 71 m-/m- 23
Collins, Albert Trash talkin' Imp LP-12438 US 69 vg++/vg+ 30
Collins, Albert Truckin' with BTS 8 US 69 vg++/vg+(+) 30 coh
Collins, Albert Love can be found anywhere Imp LP-12428 US 68 m-/vg++ 40
Collins, Albert The compleat Imp LP-12449 US 70 m-/vg+(+) 35
Collins, Albert There's gotta be a change Tumbleweed TWS 103 US 71 m-/vg++ 33 very rare and obscure album
Dawkins, Jimmy Transatlantic 770 SNTF 758 UK 78 m-/m- 11
Dirty Blues Band s/t BLS-6010 US 68 m-/m- 28 Rod Piazza's first recordings!!
Dupree, Champion Jack Living blues Decca 846 033 XBY NL 66 ex/vg++ 35 or. issue of lp with ERIC CLAPTON & John Mayall
Dupree, Champion Jack From New orleans to Chicago London PS 553 US 66 m-/m- 40 great lp w/ ERIC CLAPTON
Dupree, Champion Jack & Baker, Mickey Jack and Mickey in heavy blues Sire SES 97010 US 69 m-/ex 35
Fleetwood Mac a.o. Blues jam in Chicago vol. 1 Bl. Hor US 69 m-/vg+ 30 original US issue on Blue Horizon label
Ford, Robben The inside story Elektra 6E.169 Can 79 m-/vg++ 11
Funderburgh, Anson & Rockets She knocks me out BT 1022 US 89 m-/m- 11
Glenn, Lloyd Piano stylings Score SLP-4006 US 56 vg++/vg+(+) 150 super rare album!
Gunter, Arthur Black and blues Excello EXC-8017 US 71 m-/vg++ 25 rare swamp-blues album
Guy, Buddy Left my blues in San Francisco Chess LPS 1527 US 68 m-/ex 40 his FIRST lp!! Coh
Hammond, John Big city blues Vanguard VSD-79153 US 64 vg++/vg++ 30
Hammond, John s/t Vanguard VRS 9132 US 64 vg++/vg++ 35 his FIRST lp!
Hammond, John & Nighthawks Hot tracks Vanguard VSD 79424 `US 69 m-/vg+ 20 fantastic smoking red hot blues album!
Heartfixers Live at the Moonshadow Landslide LD 1007 US 83 m-/vg++ 14 w/ Tinsley Ellis
Hill, Z.Z. Let's make a deal Col 35030 US 78 m-/vg++ 28 rare white label PROMO
Hill, Z.Z. A whole lot of soul United US 7749 US 6? m-/vg++ 20
Hill, Z.Z. Keep on lovin' you UA-LA417 US 75 m-/vg++ 20 cc
Hooker, Earl Play your guitar, Mr. Hooker Black Magic 9006 NL 85 m-/m- 25 first issue of early 60's tracks; + fine booklet
Hooker, John Lee The folklore of VJ SR 1033 US 61 m-/vg++ 90 very rare original STEREO
Hooker, John Lee Simply the truth Bluesway BLS-6023 US 68 m-/vg+ 23 on back-cover
Hooker, John Lee Endless boogie ABCD-720 US 71 m-/vg+ 23
Hooker, John Lee On campus VJ LP 1066 US 63 m-/vg++ 60
Hooker, John Lee Coast to coast blues band UAS-5512 US 71 m-/vg++ 23
Hooker, John Lee Born in Mississippi, raised in Tennessee ABCX-768 US 73 m-/vg++ 25
Hooker, John Lee You're leavin' me, baby Riverside 673005 D 6? m-/ex 33 or. German pressing of US lp "That's my story"
Hopkins, Lightnin' Sings the blues United 7713 US 6? vg++/vg++ 14
Hopkins, Lightning Dirty blues Mainstream MRL 326 US 72 m-/m- 25
Howlin' Wolf The Howlin' Wolf album Cadet LPS-319 US 69 m-/vg++ 30 coh
Howlin' Wolf London sessions Chess CH 50008 US 71 m-/m- 25
Howlin' Wolf Live and cookin' CH 50015 US 72 m-/m- 28
Howlin' Wolf Evil Chess CH-1540 US 69 vg++/vg++ 30
Howlin' Wolf Going back home SC003 UK 71 m-/m- 18
Howlin' Wolf Chester Burnett a.k.a. Chess 2CH-60016 US 72 m-/vg++ 30
Hutto, J.B. Keeper of the flame Baron LP-104 US 79 ex/ex 30 rare live lp from this great of the slide guitar
James, Elmore Something inside of me Bell MBLL 104 UK 68 m-/vg++ 33
Jones, Curtis Now resident in Europe Blue Horizon 7-63207 UK 68 ex/vg++ 75
King, Albert I wanna get funky Stax STS 5505 US 74 m-/vg+ 20 wear on cover
King, Albert Blues at sunrise Stax MPS-8546 US 88 m-/m- 20 first issue of a great live recording from Montreu
King, Albert Live Utopia CYL2-2205 US 77 m-/m- 35 fantastic 2 lp recorded live in Montreux; guests I
King, Albert San Francisco '83 Fantasy F-9627 US 83 m-/m- 18
King, Albert Does the King's thing Stax STS 2015 US 69 m-/vg++ 25
King, Albert King of the blues guitar Atl SD 8213 US 69 ex/vg++ 25
King, Albert/Rush, Otis Door to door Chess 1538 US 69 m-/m- 25
King, B.B. Completely well Bluesway BLS-6037 US 69 m-/vg++ 18
King, Freddie Texas cannonball Shelter SW-8914 US 72 ex/ex 23 cover still in shrink-wrap; promo hole in cover
King, Freddie Woman across the river Shelter SW-8919 US 72 ex/vg++ 23
King, Freddie Is a blues master Cotillion SD 9004 US 69 ex/ex 35
King, Freddy Gives you a bonanza of instrumentals King 928 US 65 vg++/vg+ 60 very rare STEREO original!
Lightnin' Slim Rooster blues Excello L.P. 8000 US 60 vg++/vg 350 ultra rare original pressing!
Little Walter Hate to see you go Chess LP 1535 US 69 m-/m- 25
Lonesome Sundown s/t Excello 8012 US 70 ss 28 sealed copy of great swampblues album!
Lonesome Sundown Been gone too long AL-4716 US m-/m- 14
Louisiana Red Shouts the blues Forum Circle 9100 US 63 vg+(+)/vg+(+)

Magic Sam Magic Sam Live Delmark DL-645/646 US 81 m-/m- 25 legendary double live album
McDowell, Fred I do not play no rock 'n roll Capitol ST-409 US 73 m-/m- 25
Memphis Slim Blue Memphis WB WS 1899 US 71 ex/vg+ 50 VERY rare lp with PETER GREEN!!
Nighthawk, Robert Bricks in my pillow Pearl PL-11 US ? m-/m- 15
Nighthawks Times four Adelphi AD 4130/35 US 82 m/m- 25 FANTASTIC double live lp
Parker, Junior Sometimes tomorrow my broken heart will die Bluesway BLS-6066 US 73 m-/vg++ 23 white label PROMO
Pryor, Snooky Do it if you want to Bluesway BLS-6076 US 73 m-/vg++ 15
Reed, Jimmy The best of VL LP 1039 US 62 vg++/vg++ 30 1962 original lp!
Reed, Jimmy Big boss man Bluesway BLS-6015 US 68 m-/vg++ 18
Reed, Jimmy I'm Jimmy Reed VJ VJLP 1004 US 61 vg++/vg++ 50 1961 (second) issue of classic blues lp
Reed, Jimmy Plays 12 string guitar blues VJ VJLP 1073 US 63 vg++/vg++ 85 very rare STEREO first pressing!
Reed, Jimmy Rockin' with Reed VJ VJLP 1008 US 64 m-/vg++ 20 1964 third pressing
Rogers, Jimmy Gold tailed bird Shelter SW 8921 US 73 ex/vg++ 65 super rare album with FREDDIE KING on guitar!
Roomful Of Blues s/t Island ILPS 9474 US 77 m-/vg+(+) 30 rare first album with DUKE ROBILLARD
Rush, Otis So many roads Delmark DS-643 US 78 m-/vg++ 12 cc
Rush, Otis Blues live! Trip PA-3086 J 75 m-/vg++ 33 rare and fine Japanese live lp
Seals, Son Blues Band s/t Sonet SNTF 679 UK 74 m-/m- 12 great first lp
Shakey Jake Further on up the road WPS-21886 US 69 m-/vg++ 30 with Luther Allison making his first recordings!
Smothers, Smokey The driving blues of Polydor Int. 623 239 UK 6? ex/vg++ 45 UK issue of mega rare US lp w/Freddy King on guita
Spann, Otis Cracked spanner head London PS 551 US 69 vg++/vg++ 60 lp w/ Muddy Waters and (uncredited) Eric Clapton
Spann, Otis Heart loaded with trouble Bluesway BLS-6063 US 73 m-/vg++ 33 with the Muddy Waters Band incl. Muddy himself
Sunnyland Slim Plays the ragtime blues Bluesway BLS-6068 US 73 ex/vg+ 20
Sykes, Roosevelt Dirty double mother Bluesway BLS-6077 US 73 vg++/vg++ 15
Terry, Sonny & McGee, Brownie Home town blues Mainstream ZAHT 182 UK 69 m-/m- 23
V.A. Memphis swamp jam Blue Thumb BTS 6000 US 69 m-/vg++ 28
V.A. Oakland blues WPS-21893 US 69 m-/vg+ 23 ringwear
V.A. Super duper blues Bl. Hor PR 31 UK 69 m-/m- 23 great sampler: Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack etc.
V.A. Ann Arbor Blues & Jaz festival 1972 Atl SD 2-502 US 73 m-/m- 23
V.A. The rural blues XTRA 1035 UK 6? m-/vg+(+) 23 rare 2 lp
V.A. Boy meets girl Stax STS2-2024 US 69 m-/vg++ 23
Vinson, Eddie "Cleanhead" Cherry red Bluesway BL-6007 US 67 m-/ex 30 rare MONO!!
Walker, Phillip The bottom of the top Playboy PB 118 US 73 m-/vg+(+) 25 his first lp!
Walker, T-Bone Funky town Bluesway BLS-6014 US 68 m-/vg+(+) 30
Walker, T-Bone Very rare WB 3XS 6483 US 73 m-/m- 40 very rare white label promo DOUBLE lp!
Waters, Muddy Unk in funk Chess CH 60031 US 74 m-/vg++ 23
Waters, Muddy They call me Chess CH 1553 US 70 vg++/vg++ 28
Waters, Muddy Mud in your ears Happy B/90077 D 73 m-/m- 18
Waters, Muddy Sail on Chess CH 1539 US 69 m-/vg++ 30
Waters, Muddy Live Chess 50012 US 72 m-/vg+ 20 ringwear
Waters, Muddy After the rain CC LPS-320 US 69 m-/vg++ 30
Waters, Muddy Brass and blues ChessLP 1507 US 66 vg++/ex 35
Waters, Muddy They call me Chess CH 1553 US 71 ex/vg++ 33
Waters, Muddy More real folk blues Chess LP1511 US 67 m-/vg+ 35
Waters, Muddy & Howlin' Wolf London revisited Chess CH 60026 US 74 m-/vg++ 23 cc
Whispering Smith Over easy Excello EX 8020 US m-/vg++ 23 coh
Williamson, Sonny Boy Bummer road Chess 1536 US 69 m-/vg++ 25